Höegh Autoliners A/S, Oslo

Höegh Autoliners is a leading global provider of deep sea Ro/Ro transportation services.

The company operates 15 trade routes in global trade systems alone or in partnerships, with about 3,000 port calls annually, engaging about 55 vessels. Höegh Auto­liners is also engaged in regional trade directly and through Joint Ventures in Europe, East Asia and Carib­bean, engaging 17 vessels in seven regional trade routes.

With a fleet designed for maximum flexibility, the company are able to cater for a wide variety of cargo, ranging from cars to high and heavy and breakbulk. Höegh Autoliners is also a leading carrier of second-hand vehicles.

In 2015, Höegh Autoliners introduces a new generation pure car and truck carriers (PCTCs), the new Horizon class. By 2016, the com­pany will have six of these vessels in the fleet, operating within the company’s global trade network. The vessels will be of the Post Panamax size and offer ramp capacity up to 375 tonnes and 6.5 meter door opening height. With five out of 14 decks being liftable, the vessels will enable loading of a wide variety of cargo and offer high flexibility in trade.

Höegh PCTC Autoliner Berlin
Trades Schedules
Europe to Africa, Indian Ocean and Oceania and Europe to United States/ Mexico via Panama to Oceania Africa/Oceania
Europe to Middle East and India Middle East
Europe to Caribbean, Mexico and USA Caribbean/US



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